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Welcome to Harmony Through Love

An Ayurvedic Approach to Healing the Whole Body

About Harmony Through Love


Harmony through Love is a unique place which focuses on helping the whole body starting from the root cause.  Harmony Through Love strives to bring peace and love to the body through herbs, treatments, and counseling using Ayurveda.  We also give recommendations to help those who would like to help improve their well being*.


Harmony Through Love incorporates Ayurveda, helping individuals by combating the root cause of the disease.  Ayurveda is an ancient Indian medicine stemming from 5000 years ago.  Ayu means life which includes body, sense organs, mind and spirit. Veda means science or knowledge. Therefore, through the knowledge of Ayurveda, one can achieve optimal health*.  One must balance body, mind, sense organs and spirit to completely create a wholesome life*. This means Ayurveda incorporates herbs, diet, lifestyle and seasonal recommendations to help the body obtain health*. Since Ayurveda does not treat the symptoms, but rather the root cause, each recommendation is given on an individual basis.

Just like a tree that nourishes from the top of the tree to the bottom through its roots, starting with the root cause, one can heal the rest of the body


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