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"Amber, It's been like magic since we came there for the face treatment.  Amazing!  Thank you so much"


Dawn H.

"You're amazing. I can say that one treatment you gave me was the best. It gave instant relief and was so relaxing. Wish I could fly you here and have a treatment every month."


Valerie S.

"As a seasonal allergy sufferer, it's a hit or miss on what parts of my body are attacked. It's mostly my eyes that itch and need relief the most. I use eye drops to help but they don't always work. Amber suggested an eye treatment. As I was skeptical and nervous about fluids running through my eyes, I allowed Amber to work her treatments. It has now been over 2 months since my eyes have been itchy, dry and red. One of the best feelings I can have, as I work outdoors."

Heidi R.

Amber administered an eye wash treatment over 7 days on both my eyes.  By the third day, my headache was gone, my eye wasn’t red, and I could function much better.  My problem was solved in less time, at less cost, and I received relief much quicker without my body suffering the harmful effects of harsh medicine.

Lynn U.

"The whole of me is continuing to feel the benefits of my treatment with you and your healing space. You and your home have beautiful energy."


Kathryn Y.

"My treatment was great.  It was relaxing.  She explained everything she was going to do before it was done.  I have no pain in my back like I did.  I am definitely going to get more done as she recommended to fix all of my issues.  Also anyone with any pain issues at all can be fixed by these treatments.  I believe it definitely makes a huge difference!"


Greg M.

"I had 13 hours of brain surgery.  Came out with a spinal cord injury.  Went for a kati basti back treatment massage.  Came out feeling great my pain was relieved it took the edge away.  Very relaxing and soothing.  I slept like a baby last night.  I slept all through the night for the first time since surgery.  If you have any injured areas, I suggest give this try you will love it."

David S.

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